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Thank you for your interest in joining us as a trustee.

The need for food banks has increased steadily since 2010, and the successive waves of adversity affecting people in the UK just keep on coming. The £20 cut to universal credit in October 2021, followed by this year's sharp rise in the cost of energy, food and other essentials, meant that between April and September this year food banks in our network provided more than 1.3 million parcels to people facing financial hardship. Around half a million of these parcels went to children.

In just five years, the level of need has doubled.

The Trussell Trust is first and foremost an anti-poverty charity, and while food banks already help people in their community in so many ways, the reality is that we need a wider answer to the problem of poverty. Rather than just focus on supporting our network to provide the best possible emergency food to people in crisis today, we also need to work towards a tomorrow where everyone has enough money to afford their own food. Everyone should be able to afford the essentials in life, and we want to see a future where no one needs to use a food bank.

We believe that we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reduce and eliminate the destitution that so often leads to foodbank use. As a social justice movement, we are committed to driving change across three principal domains: change within communities, change to policy, and changing minds.

If you're someone who wants to walk with us on that journey, we look forward to meeting you.

Stephen Hicks
Chair of trustees

Revd Bev Thomas
Chair of Nominations Committee

David Gordon
Member of Nominations Committee